Welcome to my website. In a nutshell, here is my story.

     I was born in Colombia and spent my childhood there.  As an early teen my family moved to the United States and I grew up in California.   I began a career in entertainment in Los Angeles focusing on acting and somewhere along the way I developed a desire to write and sing.   I learned to play the guitar and began writing and performing songs on the open mic circuit.  I became involved in a alternative rock band project and performed all over the L.A area.  My interest in alternative rock lead me to move to Seattle; the city that still holds a key to my heart.  I truly discovered myself as an artist there.  Oddly enough I began a Flamenco Rock based project and was embraced by the Seattle music scene with open arms.  I felt however, that I needed to have more knowledge as a musician and moved back to LA for training at the Musician's Institute in Hollywood . After graduation I produced and released my debut album "Here and Now", and then set off to do a promotional tour in my native Colombia, with the support of radio stations- CamaraFm, RadioActiva and W Radio.

     I now live in New York City where I am singing, acting, learning and mantaining a state of compassion, day by day. 

Stay tuned for upcoming shows and be well...